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The Summer BreakSpot Program, also called the Summer Food Service Program, is a federal nutrition program that local nonprofits and schools use to make sure that kids in their communities don't go hungry during the summer.


At almost all sites, there is no application necessary and any child 18 or younger can simply come during meal times to receive a meal. However, we do suggest that you give them a call first to let the site know that your child may be coming during meal time. Some sites ask that an adult or responsible teen accompany children during the meal time because they don't have staff to handle extra children who may not be a part of their regular activity program.

There is no cost for meals. USDA requires that meals be served at no charge to the children. However, the site may have a fee set for the activity program that they provide.

Summer BreakSpot sites serve nutritionally balanced meals that meet USDA guidelines.

Breakfasts include:

Lunches include:

Snacks include 2 of the following: